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Equity Statement

Child Trends and BUILD are committed to advancing racial equity in every aspect of our work and we believe that will be achieved when race is no longer a factor in how children and families fare (Andrews et al., 2019). In 2021, we modified data elements in the Quality Compendium to capture the ways that states, territories, and localities identify racial disparities and promote equity in their quality systems. For the first time since 2013, Child Trends spoke directly with state administrators to learn more about how their state actively builds a more equitable quality system. While each state voiced a unique approach, we commonly heard that states are: using data to examine provider or practitioner participation and target recruitment; convening stakeholder groups to inform ongoing improvements; using modified assessment or observation protocols depending on the provider or practitioner's needs; providing equity-related training and/or technical assistance; and increasing accessibility of QIS materials by offering materials in other languages or making them more user-friendly.

Revisions to the Quality Compendium that capture state equity efforts are ongoing and continue to be informed by quality improvement and racial equity experts in the field. The revisions will facilitate cross-state learning that helps states build systems that support early care and education professionals, families, and children most effectively.

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