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Other Resources and Tools

Compendium of Quality Rating Systems and Evaluations

The Compendium of Quality Rating Systems and Evaluations, published in 2010 by the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation was the first compilation of data related to QRIS. 

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QRIS National Learning Network

The QRIS National Learning Network (NLN) is a coalition of states and other organizations formed to use rating and improvement strategies to improve children's development. The NLN provides resources related to the design and implementation of quality systems like QRIS for early care and education. 

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INQUIRE Data Toolkit

The INQUIRE Data Toolkit, developed by the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation in the Administration for Children & Families, is an online resource that provides analytical recommendations and a comprehensive list of data elements needed to address policy and research questions related to quality initiatives and the early care and education of young children.

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QRIS Resource Guide

The QRIS Resource Guide is intended as a tool for States and communities to explore key issues and decision points during the planning and implementation of a quality rating and improvement system (QRIS).

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QRIS Cost Estimation Model and Resource Guide

The QRIS Cost Estimation Model and QRIS Resource Guide are online quality rating and improvement resources provided by the Office of Child Care.

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National Standards Crosswalk Tool

This National Standards Crosswalk Tool is designed to help states that are developing and aligning program standards for licensing, quality rating and improvement systems, and/or prekindergarten programs, to search and compare the content of several sets of national standards.

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