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Quality Compendium Resources

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A video that provides a tour of the Quality Compendium website and demonstrates three ways you can use the Compendium to answer your questions about QRIS.

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A data dictionary for downloads in spreadsheet format including the fields: data element name, category, definition, sub-elements, options, variable type, and the number of time the variable(s) repeats in the download.


Quality Compendium Webinar: Getting the Most Out of the Data (February 26, 2020)

The BUILD Initiative and Child Trends hosted a webinar to share updates to the Quality Compendium, including new data, features of the website, and how quality improvement leaders use the data in their work.

Speakers included Debi Mathias, Kathryn Tout, Liz Bedrick, Simon Workman, and Char Goodreau.

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