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What is the density and amount of center-based ECE program participation by years of QIS operation?

This figure depicts center-based ECE program QIS participation numbers by program density (i.e., the percent of eligible programs that are rated) and QIS years of operation. Each circle represents a different QIS; a larger circle corresponds to higher density.

Forty QIS reported numbers for both density and participation. Nine of those (23%) automatically enroll licensed center-based ECE programs in their QIS. Of the 31 QIS (78%) with voluntary participation for centers, the systems with the highest density are Kentucky, Arkansas, Utah, Indiana, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Maryland. QIS with voluntary systems for center-based programs with the highest participation numbers tend to have a QIS that requires participation based of receipt of certain public funding streams (e.g., CCDF subsidies).

QIS varied in their participation rules by funding streams. The most common participation rule by funding stream was for programs receiving CCDF subsidies: twenty-one QIS (47%) mandate participation for programs receiving CCDF subsidies. For programs receiving Head Start/EHS, 12 QIS (27%) mandate participation, and for programs receiving public Pre-K funds, 12 QIS (27%) mandate participation.