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Observational tools

What were the most commonly used tools to observe program quality?+ Show

In 2017, of the 44 quality initiatives with  center-based early care and education (ECE) programs participating, 41 use an observational tool. Of those 37, 58% (n = 24) use more than one tool. The Environment Rating Scales (ERS) are the most commonly used observational tools for center-based ECE.  Three quarters (75%) of states using the ERS for some purpose, whether for the rating itself or for quality improvement. The Classroom Assessment Scoring System is the second most commonly used tool.  Just over half (55%) of states use the CLASS tool. 

Of the 43 states and localities with QRIS indicators for home-based ECE, 40 use an observational tool. Of those 34, 20% (n = 8) use more than one tool. As with Child Care Centers using the ERS, the most commonly used tool for home-based ECE is the FCCERS-R, used by 77% (n=33) of QRIS. After the ERS, the CLASS is second most often-used, by 14% (n=6) of QRIS.