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Mission and goals

What are the mission and goals of QRIS?+ Show

Forty-three quality initiatives include information on the goals and mission of their initiative. A focus on improving the quality and recognition of early childhood education (ECE) programs is the most common theme across mission statements, with all (100%) initiatives including language on this theme. The second most common theme (81%) is facilitating parent and public awareness. More than one-third of initiatives include a statement about supporting children's healthy development and school readiness and/or about access to high quality care (37%). Nearly one-third of initiatives include language on educating and training the workforce (30%). 

Of the forty-three quality initiatives with mission and goal statements, forty touch on more than one of the above themes. For example, Iowa's mission and goals include themes of quality improvement, awareness, and access.

Iowa's Quality Rating System was established to raise the quality of child care in Iowa, increase the number of children in high quality child care settings in the state, and educate parents about quality in child care.

Additionally, Washington's mission and goals touch upon 4 of the 5 common themes among quality initiatives.

Early Achievers is Washington's quality framework designed to promote positive child outcomes for all early learning settings. The objective of Early Achievers is to improve short- and long-term outcomes for children via a common set of expectations and standards that define, measure, and improve the quality of early learning. Early Achievers will provide parents with clear and easily accessible information about the quality of child care and early education programs, and reduce the disparity in access to high-quality early learning opportunities for all children.