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Of the forty-four quality initiatives, forty-three include indicators. Of these, all forty-three quality initiatives include indicators related to professional development. These include features that licensed center-based programs are required to complete in order to achieve points or levels within their initiative. The most common features of professional development indicators are training (98%), followed by a professional development plan (72%). 

Forty quality initiatives include indicators related to the content of required training. Content of professional development trainings varies greatly by initiative. Nearly half of initiatives include child development information and training on health and safety practices (44%, respectively). Many quality initiatives also include an introduction to the ERS tools in professional development training (42%). Just over one third of initiatives include an orientation to the initiative, curriculum, and developmentally appropriate practices (37%, 37%, and 35%, respectively). Some also incorporate business practices, social and emotional development, and information on special needs into trainings (33%, 33%, and 30%, respectively). Over half of quality initiatives (56%) use training content other than what is listed. This includes content such as state specific director courses, other professional growth and development activities, and training on state specific Early Learning Guidelines.